Chairman's Message

 Mr. Manubhai Patel

I must first thank my Lord for giving me the gracious gift of pleasure to serve along with family. It was possible only through the prayerful guidance of our beloved; we were able to get over the tight corner. In the last 2 decades the nursing education in India has undergone metamorphic change both theoretically and Practical. We in this college follow the concept of mentoring, in addition to the teaching & Practical .

This college works not only as a knowledge transformation center but also works towards enlightening, enabling and empow¬ering the tomorrow's nurses who care and share for others. We train our students to give Strength for the weak Flexibility for the Rigid Mobility for Static.

Nursing care is an important part of Manav Kalyan & General Hospitals vision of “Putting Patients First”. Nurses who can provide nursing care as per the international standards. This dream has become a reality with the commissioning of the School of Nursing in 2009 & Group of college in the year 2011.

The nursing students will have the privilege of learning their subjects in a serene atmosphere surrounded by lovely landscaped garden. They also will have the privilege of receiving excellent clinical training in our Hospitals.

Our primary goal is to offer the best education and clinical training possible in nursing. We are offering professional bachelors degree and diploma in nursing.